My first run.

5 Feb

The stars where out. I ran 1.79 miles 🙂 I’m please with my first run. It was bloody cold. Did day 23 of the shred first!


Day 22 of the shred!

5 Feb

Started using my fitness app too which is great! Lost 5lbs in the first week. Really feeling the difference in my fitness! Only 7 days to go!
Building up the courage to start c25k. My first steps towards the half marathon. Not chosen which half marathon to do. Will let u know as soon as we decide. It will be in August tho.
He is my mid way pic taken on day 14 I think. Excuse the stupid pose! I was feeling pleased with myself!


Ready, get shred, go!

5 Feb

I found jillian Michael’s 30 day shred and in gonna get shredded! Never watched biggest looser before, it’s fab! Just what I need to motivate myself. I’m challenging myself to do the whole 30 day shred. I have a before pic. (Below) Will do one every 10 days. It’s well hard!



First steps were pigeon steps

5 Feb

I needed to do something to kick start my journey. So I decided to use my new iPad (thanks father Christmas!) to do some cardio. Omg I couldn’t do 10 mins of cardio. I could barely do 1 min of jumping jacks! This is gonna be hard! I weigh 218 lbs 😦 and I’m 5’3. Fatty mcfat fat.