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More about Edward

5 Feb

Well so far on this blog I have only been talking about myself. So I thought I would talk about my special baby this time.
He is doing fabby! Started weaning last week and today we gave him some dinner too. He really enjoyed his cauliflower and broccoli cheese baby dinner. Next week we are taking him to an appointment with his cardiologist at great or and street hospital. He will have a mobile heat monitor put on. If his rhythm is normal for 24 hours we can take him off one of his meds. I’m so excited!! He is on 2 different meds. Propanalol and amiodarone. We are hoping to stop the amiodarone.

Also, day 26 of the shred done 🙂

Bed time. X


Keep running!!!

5 Feb

February 4th. Second run.
Well I did day 25 of the shred then went for a run. It was bloody cold and windy! Makes every thing spooky. I wanted to beat my first day. I some how didn’t hear my personal trainer (c25k app voice) say I was half way and ened up going further! I realised and turned back but was still a good 10 mins walking distance away from home when I finished the 5 min cool down! My total distance was 2.27miles. Doing 14:29 min/mile.
Trying to find a half marathon. Can’t choose where. I want to go to Cornwall and have mini holiday too. But we have asked if relatives will join us and my sister don’t want to go that far. So should we pick a closer one and have a seperate holiday???

Nearly at the end of the 30 day shred and hubby decides he wants to do it. I can’t lie, I’m enjoying watching him suffer!!!

My first run.

5 Feb

The stars where out. I ran 1.79 miles 🙂 I’m please with my first run. It was bloody cold. Did day 23 of the shred first!

Day 22 of the shred!

5 Feb

Started using my fitness app too which is great! Lost 5lbs in the first week. Really feeling the difference in my fitness! Only 7 days to go!
Building up the courage to start c25k. My first steps towards the half marathon. Not chosen which half marathon to do. Will let u know as soon as we decide. It will be in August tho.
He is my mid way pic taken on day 14 I think. Excuse the stupid pose! I was feeling pleased with myself!


Ready, get shred, go!

5 Feb

I found jillian Michael’s 30 day shred and in gonna get shredded! Never watched biggest looser before, it’s fab! Just what I need to motivate myself. I’m challenging myself to do the whole 30 day shred. I have a before pic. (Below) Will do one every 10 days. It’s well hard!



First steps were pigeon steps

5 Feb

I needed to do something to kick start my journey. So I decided to use my new iPad (thanks father Christmas!) to do some cardio. Omg I couldn’t do 10 mins of cardio. I could barely do 1 min of jumping jacks! This is gonna be hard! I weigh 218 lbs 😦 and I’m 5’3. Fatty mcfat fat.