Nearly done :)

6 Feb

Well it’s day 27 out of 30! I have nearly completed the 30 day shred!!! I’m a step closer to running the half marathon.
Still need to set up my just giving page and contact UCLH about how much the cooling equipment is because I want an amount to aim for.
I was looking a pictures of Edward in hospital today. My mum won’t look at them but I can’t pretend it didn’t happen. She is helping me sort out my abundance of baby clothes that I find so hard to get rid of. Looking at all his tiny baby clothes bought tears to my eyes. Whilst sorting them I was being brave, but now I have decided I can’t get rid of them all. I’m too sentimental, I want to keep the ones that hold the most memories and make a patchwork quilt out of them eventually. I can’t even bring myself to thing about cutting them up yet. So thank god for vacuum pack bags and the loft 🙂


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