Keep running!!!

5 Feb

February 4th. Second run.
Well I did day 25 of the shred then went for a run. It was bloody cold and windy! Makes every thing spooky. I wanted to beat my first day. I some how didn’t hear my personal trainer (c25k app voice) say I was half way and ened up going further! I realised and turned back but was still a good 10 mins walking distance away from home when I finished the 5 min cool down! My total distance was 2.27miles. Doing 14:29 min/mile.
Trying to find a half marathon. Can’t choose where. I want to go to Cornwall and have mini holiday too. But we have asked if relatives will join us and my sister don’t want to go that far. So should we pick a closer one and have a seperate holiday???

Nearly at the end of the 30 day shred and hubby decides he wants to do it. I can’t lie, I’m enjoying watching him suffer!!!


2 Responses to “Keep running!!!”

  1. Wendee February 16, 2013 at 5:34 am #

    Keep running! I’ll follow along and am sending warm wishes for a strong race and lots of love to Edward! 🙂

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